The Car

RFR 16-17 Specifications

Body and Aerodynamics
  • Body contours and aerodynamic features designed using traditional CAD and STAR-CCM+ computational fluid dynamics software
  • Carbon fiber body panels manufactured in-house using CNC routed, hand finished foam molds and resin infusion process
  • Carbon fiber weave selection optimized with respect to wing aerodynamics
  • Multi-element front and rear wings
  • Wings mounted using carbon fiber tubing and CNC machined aluminum brackets
  • Custom livery with select sponsor logos

  • Chromoly steel tube frame designed using Solidworks CAD and FEA software
  • TIG welded nodes
  • Fully boxed component mounting tabs for reduced bending compliance
  • Designed for packaging that lowers the overall center of gravity and polar moment of inertia

Controls and Ergonomics
  • Electropneumatic shifting system controlled via F1-style paddles
  • Carbon fiber steering rack with sensor package
  • Adjustable aluminum pedal assembly with water jetted truss structure
  • Carbon fiber seat manufactured in-house, with supporting hip and waist bolsters

  • MoTeC M150 ECU paired with a MoTeC C185 Display/Logger
  • Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband oxygen sensor

  • 449cc Yamaha YFZ450R engine (45 HP and 25 lb-ft torque) with factory dry-sump lubrication system and slipper clutch
  • Engine modeled in GT-Power and Star-CCM+ to develop intake and exhaust systems for optimum power across the RPM range
  • 3D-printed Nylon intake runner with carbon fiber overlay
  • TIG-welded stainless steel exhaust with dual carbon-fiber Akropovic mufflers
  • Custom electronic fuel injection system; calibrated in-house
  • Close ratio 5-speed sequential manual transmission
  • Drexler Salisbury-type limited-slip differential with adjustable lock-up and pre-load settings

  • Hoosier LC0 18x6-10 Formula SAE tires
  • Majority of suspension components CNC machined out of 7075 aluminum
  • 1-piece magnesium wheels
  • Custom center-locking wheel hubs with integrated tripod housing
  • High performance, low friction, deep groove bearings
  • Aluminum uprights with adjustable camber and steering-arm plates
  • Pull-rod Front/ Push-rod Rear suspension
  • 4-way adjustable Ӧhlins spring-damper assemblies
  • Aluminum rockers with interchangeable front and rear anti-roll bar attachments