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The Team

You will see us at the same lectures. You will see us at the dining hall or gym. You will see us doing just about everything that typical university students do on the daily. There is more to us than meets the eye!
Rutgers Formula Racing is essentially 100% student-run. Members come from all walks of life and study (Engineering, Business, and more! Undergraduate and Graduate!). The same few things brings us together as a team: a passion for engineering, a powerful organization, priceless networking opportunities, and a gorgeous, fast race car! Everything that RFR does is entirely voluntary, extracurricular, and in the best interests of its members.

Executive Board

Byron Chiu

Raymond Wu

Anil Tilve

Engineering Governing Council (EGC) Representative
Pallab Paul

Senior Subteam Leaders

Chief Engineer
Justin Russo

Matthew Watts

Kevin Jakubowski

Siddu Patel

James Vertes

Patrick Jakubowski

Raymond Wu

Kevin Zheng

Junior Subteam Leaders

Rajan Patel

Subteam Weekly Meeting Times

All times listed below are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Composites: Monday at 7:00 PM

Controls: Monday at 8:00 PM

Aerodynamics: Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Suspension: Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Chassis: Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Electronics: Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Engine: Thursday at 6:45 PM

Drivetrain: Thursday at 8:00 PM