Prospective Students

Thinking About Becoming A Member of RFR?

Are you interested in joining the best club at Rutgers? Are you interested in building a race car from start to finish then entering it in a competition with colleges from around the world? Do you want to get some hands-on experience using some of the theory you're learning in class? Would you like to be able to say one day that you are an Alumni of the Rutgers Formula Racing Team? If so, visit our contact page to send an email to one of our team members so you can learn how to get involved. If you're still not sure, then read on. The following is a brief description of who we are and what this club is all about.

What We Do.

The Rutgers Formula Racing Team (RFR) builds a formula race car from scratch every year. Starting in September, team members begin their designs of the various systems that make up the car. Each team then meets weekly to turn their designs into a finished car. Finally, in May the car is entered in a competition in Michigan amongst approximately 130 other cars from colleges around the globe. After the competition comes summer break. Although many people go away for the summer, those who are still around may begin working on their designs for the following year, take the car out to the RAC parking lot to get some driving experience, or make adjustments to the existing car recommended by the judges during the competition.


Other than just being a student here at Rutgers, a willingness to learn, and wanting to be part of the coolest project on campus, there are NO PREREQUISITES. Many of our members are studying to be Mechanical Engineers or Electrical Engineers, but even that is not a prerequisite. Any student from any of the Rutgers Colleges is welcome.

Non-Engineering Aspects.

Since we build our car from scratch, many diversified skills are needed to get our car ready for competition. Some non-engineering facets of our club include: giving a PowerPoint presentation to the judges on our design decisions, canvasing sponsors for funding, writing a business plan for analysis during the competition, maintaining these web pages, making poster boards to display during the annual Rutgers Open House and of course being a driver for the formula race car. Our members are also willing to teach RFR members how to work the metal lathe, the mill and all the other equipment in the lab.

How Can I Use My Engineering Skills?

This past year, RFR was comprised of seven teams: 1) Engine & Drivetrain, 2) Suspension, 3) Composites, 4) Electronics, 5) Controls, 6) Aerodynamics and 7) Chassis. Pick the team that sounds the most interesting to you, hook up with the project leader and find an interesting assignment to work on. Or help out on several teams performing various tasks as needed. Except for the tires and the engine, most parts are fabricated in our lab and packaged into the various components of the car. All of these components require time and engineering to design, build, and incorporate into the final car.

Benefits of Joining RFR.

There are many benefits to joining the RFR including the pride and excitement of building a great race car. The following is a short list of benefits you will gain by becoming a member of the RFR. The benefits you gain are not limited to this list however. You many find your rewards exceed those listed below.

  • Practical hands-on experience
  • Learn a wide variety of skills
  • Skills you can add to your resume
  • Experience working as a team
  • Work with a great group of people
  • Build a project from start to finish
  • Learn from other engineers
  • Make contacts at other colleges
  • Make contacts in the Automotive Industry
  • Become an Alumni of a great club

RFR has many things to offer and benefits that will last a life-time.