Rutgers Formula Racing strives to have as many in-house operations as possible -- be it design and modeling, business and administration, or manufacturing and assembly. For all of its life, RFR has remained on Rutgers' Busch Campus, in which the team has its own space and utilizes shared university resources. It is one of the few "clubs with campuses".

The RFR "Campus"

The Shop

  • Composites and body work
  • Hand-finished assemblies
  • Electronics

The Garage

  • Welding and sheetmetal fabrication
  • Low volume machining
  • Vehicle assembly

MAE Machine Shop

  • High-volume machining
  • CNC machining

Rutgers Makerspace

  • 3D printing
  • CNC router

The Office

  • Design meetings
  • Competition review
  • Business and administration meetings

New Space

This year, we are proud to announce that the old Packaging Engineering building has opened to our expansion. All of the team's operations can finally be more spread out and isolated for added safety, convenience, and comfort.