Membership Guide

The Path To A Full Membership

  1. Engineering and critical thinking exercise projects based off of previous RFR component designs.
  2. Technical training in Solidworks CAD, FEA, lab safety, machining, materials, shop tools, and automotive technology.
  3. Paying membership dues and submitting appropriate documents.

Fundraising and Outreach

  • Amazing organizations can require an amazing degree of resources. Part of the Rutgers Formula Racing experience is raising money to achieve our goals.
  • RFR strives to inspire future generations of engineers, business people, leaders, and researchers. As Rutgers Formula Racing members, we will be setting up display booths at academic competitions, STEM fairs, and automotive events.
  • Through this organization, you may find opportunities for university programs, students, and faculty to tap into Rutgers Formula Racing resources and skills.


  • Rutgers Formula Racing is an environment to work, learn, develop, and ENJOY!
  • Be prepared for free passes or discount tickets to local race events, car shows, go-karting sessions, movies, and game nights!
  • Alumni presentations on professional skills, resume-building, job applications, higher education, and their current careers.


Periodically check the bottom of the page for important documents!

New Memebership Registration

Feel free to CONTACT US for more membership information or requests!

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